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NeXt Move Core Facility




NeXt Move offers the combination of instruments and competence that you need to perform high quality clinical research. This involves a broad range of analyze tools involving neurophysiology, exercise physiology and movement. 


NeXt Move is a collaboration of three different laboratories:


- Neurophysiology (link price list)

- Exercise physiology (link price list)

- Movement (link price list)




We offer a broad range of services including ergospirometry with blood pressure and 12-lead ECG, force calculation, advanced 3D movement analysis with integrated EMG recordings, pressure sensing walkways, elektroencefalogram, event related potentials, motion logging and much more.

For detailed description of services offered, go to Request Services.



Scientific leader: Beatrix Vereijken, Profesor

Phone: +47 72820866


Daily Manager: Arnt Erik Tjønna, PhD

Phone: +47 72828358


Techincal staff:

Per Bendik Wik, principal engineer

Phone: +47 72576449


Tobias Goihl, principal engineer

Phone: +47 99279028


Marit Stjern, principal engineer

Phone: +47 72575149


Guri Molden, principal engineer

phone: +47 72825069


Eivind Wang, principal engineer

phone: +47 72828112



Location and hours of operation


Daytime, 08-1545

Afterhour: Same price

Trained user unlimited access


Links and resources



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