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Comparative Medicine Core Facility

Our Unit


Unit of Comparative Medicine (Avdeling for Komparativ medisin, AKM) is an animal facility set up to support medical research – especially for NTNU and St. Olavs Hospital but also to researcher at other institutions.

In order to use our facility it is mandatory to have an approved course in Labaratory animal science for researchers (Felasa C).

You will also need local training, a guided tour in the Unit and a health check. Please contact leadership for further information.


Overview of Services


Short summary of what you may find at our facility:

-          Housing of mice, rats, rabbits and pigs.

-          Large animal unit

-          Transgenic breeding unit

-          Minimal disease Unit

-          Quarantene unit

-          Several operation rooms and labs

-          I3-laboratorium

For more details of what we can offer please contact the core facility.




Scientific leader:
Anne Åm
Phone: +47 72573399

Daily manager:
Trine Skoglund

Phone: +47 72571678/72571690

Hours of operation




Personell Hours: 08:00 – 15:45
Booking hours: 24h a day                     

Links and Resources


  1. AKM Homepage:


Name Role Phone Email Location
Anne Åm
Scientific leader
+47 72573399

Trine Skoglund
Daily manager
+47 72571678

Oddveig Lyng
Head Engineer
+47 72571681
Large Animal Facility


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