Overview of Services


Proteomics and Modomics Experimental Core facility (PROMEC) offers service to support your research needs for proteomics and DNA/RNA-modomics. We kan provide a wide range of services, from protein and peptide separation, (1D/2D)-PAGE, 1D/2D-western, capillary western analysis and offgel isoelectric focusing, to mass-spectrometry-based protein identification, de-novo sequencing and analysis of post translational modifications. We also offer comprehensive modomics analyses. In addition, LC-MS instrumentation can be offered to trained users.

This core facility belongs to Department of Clinical and Molecular Medicine at Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. PROMEC started as a node of the Norwegian Proteomics consortium NorProteomics, with the responsibility of doing proteomics analysis at NTNU/HMN and for others in the area of Mid-Norway. Our goal has been and will be to provide modern proteomics and modomics technology to Norwegian scientists with the best possible services and lowest cost.


We provide access to:

  • ABSciex 5000 triple-quadrupole in-line Schimazdu HPLC
  • ABSciex 5500 triple-quadrupole in-line Schimazdu HPLC
  • Agilent 6495 triple-quadrupole in-line 1290 Infinity HPLC
  • Thermo Orbitrap Elite in-line Thermo EASY nLC 1000 UPLC
  • Thermo Q Exactive in-line Thermo EASY nLC 1000 UPLC
  • Thermp Q Exactive HF in-line Thermo EASY nLC 1200 UPLC
  • 2D-PAGE (IGPhor, Ettan)
  • OffGel Fractionator
  • Ettan Spotpicker
  • Typhoon Trio Laser scanner (f. eks til DIGE-analyser etter Cy 2/3/5-labelling)


I addition we have access to other equipment in the closest lab for complementary protein analysis; laser-confocal microscopy, chromatography equipment for protein separation (Akta FPLC, Akta Explorer), Western gel documentation (Kodak, Licor), beta-scintillation counter, centrifuges etc.




Scientific Leader

Professor Geir Slupphaug

Phone: +47 72573076

Mobile phone: +47 91825455



General Manager

Lars Hagen

Phone: +47 72573342

Mobile phone: +47 90883543



Technical Staff


Location and hours of operation

Hours Location
PROMEC is open during normal working
hours (08:00-16:00). Approved users may use the instruments 24 h a day all week

Laboratory Centre, 4th floor (east).
Room 231.04.008 (right outside elevator).

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Geir Slupphaug
Scientific Leader
+47 91825455
Laboratory Centre 5th floor East
Lars Hagen
General Manager
+47 90883543
Laboratory Centre 4th floor East